Valparaiso photos from March 2005
Don and Lois Porter

Another group of selected photos from our adventures in Valparaiso. We had read that the Tricahue parrots ( Cyanoliseus patagonus byroni, the largest parrot in Chile, on the endangered list) were residents in a park (Plazoleta Carvallo) near us in Playa Ancha, but our attempts to locate them had failed. Then one day, as we were taking one of our frequent strolls along Ave. Altamirana, we decided to climb up to a different area, and there they were. It turned out they were exactly where they were supposed to be. We visited them several times, early morning and at sunset. Another morning we visited Caleta Portales, one of the working fishermen’s quays in town. The fishermen had brought in all their boats and were cleaning and selling fish and working on nets. Then we walked back to downtown Valparaiso along the shore.

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050305-075944IMG_4656 050305-080500IMG_4664 050305-080950IMG_4682 050307-191422IMG_4715
050305-075944IMG_4656.jpg         050305-080500IMG_4664.jpg         050305-080950IMG_4682.jpg         050307-191422IMG_4715.jpg        
050310-152404IMG_1066 050313-134050IMG_4821 050313-202646IMG_1126 050314-125840IMG_1147
050310-152404IMG_1066.jpg         050313-134050IMG_4821.jpg         050313-202646IMG_1126.jpg         050314-125840IMG_1147.jpg        
050321-185402IMG_1357 050325-140712IMG_1443 050326-181244IMG_1444 050326-181604IMG_1452
050321-185402IMG_1357.jpg         050325-140712IMG_1443.jpg         050326-181244IMG_1444.jpg         050326-181604IMG_1452.jpg        

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