Valdivia, Carahue, Temuco
Photos by Lois and Don Porter

From Lake Villarica we drove in the rain to Valdivia. We enjoyed the Historical Museum, with its collection of Mapuche silver. Then we headed north toward Temuco, spending the night in Nueva Imperial. Next morning, in Carahue, we began to see some breaks in the rain. Later, in Temuco and Cholchol, the sun came out.

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050319-122334IMG_1302.jpg         050319-123224IMG_1308.jpg         050319-123458IMG_5011.jpg         050319-155000IMG_5017.jpg        
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050320-095744IMG_5029.jpg         050320-100000IMG_1323.jpg         050320-101150IMG_5039.jpg         050320-135734IMG_1337.jpg        
050320-140134IMG_5050 050320-145220IMG_5053 050320-145250IMG_5055 050320-164938IMG_5065
050320-140134IMG_5050.jpg         050320-145220IMG_5053.jpg         050320-145250IMG_5055.jpg         050320-164938IMG_5065.jpg        

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