Photos by Lois and Don Porter

From the town of Villarica we drove along the southern shore of Lake Villarica to the resort town of Pucon at the eastern end of the lake. We walked around the shore at “La Poza”, a beautiful lagoon with a park and great views. After visiting shops and wandering around town, we drove on to the “Ojos del Caburgua y Laguna Azul”, a private reserve near Lake Caburgua. Here the outflow of Lake Caburgua emerges and joins other streams to form a series of falls and pools, including one with extremely clear and extremely blue water.

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050318-101148IMG_1213.jpg         050318-101250IMG_1215.jpg         050318-101350IMG_4891.jpg         050318-102028IMG_4903.jpg        
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050318-102948IMG_1231.jpg         050318-103658IMG_1237.jpg         050318-104630IMG_4920.jpg         050318-131012IMG_1244.jpg        
050318-131316IMG_4933 050318-132342IMG_1254 050318-132424IMG_4943 050318-134820IMG_1256
050318-131316IMG_4933.jpg         050318-132342IMG_1254.jpg         050318-132424IMG_4943.jpg         050318-134820IMG_1256.jpg        

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