Museo Cielo Abierto - Open Air Museum
Don and Lois Porter

During the early 1970s Professor Francisco Méndez of the Institute of Art at the Catholic University of Valparaiso conducted workshops on mural painting. In collaboration with other authorities in the city, arrangements were made for a series of murals on appropriate walls in the Bellavista Hill neighborhood. A number of artists participated by creating the murals. Since that time, the Catholic University of Valparaiso has continued to maintain the works, often fighting against defacing graffiti. These works form a integral treasure that contributes to the artistic heritage of Valparaiso. The tradition has continued, with later murals expanding the scope beyond the original collection.

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050108-090016IMG_5967 050108-090200IMG_5968 050115-102014IMG_2343 050115-102336IMG_2346
050108-090016IMG_5967.jpg         050108-090200IMG_5968.jpg         050115-102014IMG_2343.jpg         050115-102336IMG_2346.jpg        
050115-102514IMG_2349 050115-103042IMG_6399 050115-103138IMG_2355 050115-103212IMG_6403
050115-102514IMG_2349.jpg         050115-103042IMG_6399.jpg         050115-103138IMG_2355.jpg         050115-103212IMG_6403.jpg        
050115-103606IMG_2357 050115-104014IMG_6410 050115-104028IMG_2361 050115-104116IMG_6412
050115-103606IMG_2357.jpg         050115-104014IMG_6410.jpg         050115-104028IMG_2361.jpg         050115-104116IMG_6412.jpg        

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