Laguna Verde
Don and Lois Porter


On Thursday, January 13, we took a bus for the 45 minute ride to the Laguna Verde beach a short distance south of Valparaiso. The road goes over a mountain -- and as we started down into Laguna Verde, the road construction stopped us for a few minutes (see the first two photos). We spent a very pleasant couple of hours on the deserted beach. Our ventures into the surf stopped before knee-deep: the water is COLD! Despite the beach umbrella and powerful sunblock, we both managed to sunburn the tops of our feet -- always the place we forget. Still, a beautiful day.

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050113-095606IMG_2289 050113-095734IMG_2293 050113-102110IMG_2294 050113-102320IMG_2298
050113-095606IMG_2289.jpg         050113-095734IMG_2293.jpg         050113-102110IMG_2294.jpg         050113-102320IMG_2298.jpg        
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050113-102556IMG_6200.jpg         050113-103410IMG_6208.jpg         050113-103516IMG_6213.jpg         050113-103622IMG_2305.jpg        
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050113-103726IMG_2307.jpg         050113-110116IMG_2318.jpg         050113-111006IMG_2329.jpg         050113-112156IMG_2333.jpg        

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