Valparaiso Harbor - tour by launch
Photos mostly by Lois Porter

On Tuesday, February 8, we took one of the excursion launch tours of the Valparaiso harbor. These "lanchas" take groups of 10 to 40 people for a 30 to 40 minute tour around the part of the bay that is used as the harbor. They start from the Muelle Prat (Prat Wharf) that is the center of harbor activity for passengers. The cruise ships dock here as well, at least since we've been here (although they also come in at Muelle Baron at least some of the time.) Our launch was one of the larger ones, so we got to hang out in the cabin (such is the privilege of older tourists). That was an advantage, as the sun was pretty hot, and those outside had to wear life preservers. I guess those inside are expected to go down with the ship. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we saw a lot. We especially enjoyed the close-up views of pelicans and sea lions.

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