International Dog Show
Photos by Lois Porter and Don Porter

The weekend of February 12 and 13, a big international dog show was held in Valparaiso (show dogs at the Baron Wharf) and Vina del Mar (agility competition in the parking lot of the Jumbo supermarket). We watched some minor action on the wharf on Saturday, then caught the demonstration by Brazilian champion dogs at the agility site on Sunday.

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050212-143438IMG_3571.jpg         050212-143636IMG_3574.jpg         050212-144254IMG_0110.jpg         050212-150604IMG_3599.jpg        
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050212-151338IMG_0144.jpg         050212-153226IMG_3603.jpg         050213-120100IMG_0170.jpg         050213-121032IMG_3624.jpg        
050213-121048IMG_3626 050213-121112IMG_0184 050213-121146IMG_3629 050213-121348IMG_3630
050213-121048IMG_3626.jpg         050213-121112IMG_0184.jpg         050213-121146IMG_3629.jpg         050213-121348IMG_3630.jpg        

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