Photos by Lois and Don Porter

Up the valley of the Rio Pucón we came into country farmed by people who are very much Mapuche. We visited the Trawu Peyüm museum in Curarrehue, where we watched a couple of videos about Machis. We hiked for a couple of hours just before sundown in the Huerquehue National Park, then returned almost to Curarrehue to the Kila Leufu (“Three Rivers”) Bed & Breakfast. We were delighted with this charming place, hosted by Irma, a Mapuche with lots of charm and wisdom.

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050318-142048IMG_4960.jpg         050318-142114IMG_4963.jpg         050318-154916IMG_4968.jpg         050318-174926IMG_4979.jpg        
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050318-180238IMG_1269.jpg         050318-182036IMG_4989.jpg         050318-184220IMG_1276.jpg         050319-084100IMG_1281.jpg        
050319-084100IMG_4994 050319-084116IMG_1282 050319-084700IMG_1290  
050319-084100IMG_4994.jpg         050319-084116IMG_1282.jpg         050319-084700IMG_1290.jpg        

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