Polanco Hill
Don and Lois Porter

One of the more famous of the 47 hills of Valparaiso is Polanco Hill. It is reached by the Polanco Ascensor, the only one of the ascensores that is actually a vertical elevator. These are scenes around Polanco Hill.

050109-135006IMG_2096 050109-140424IMG_2099 050109-141036IMG_2101 050109-142210IMG_2106
050109-135006IMG_2096.jpg         050109-140424IMG_2099.jpg         050109-141036IMG_2101.jpg         050109-142210IMG_2106.jpg        
050109-143140IMG_6014 050109-143210IMG_2111 050109-143506IMG_6021 050109-143556IMG_6023
050109-143140IMG_6014.jpg         050109-143210IMG_2111.jpg         050109-143506IMG_6021.jpg         050109-143556IMG_6023.jpg        

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