Viña del Mar Botanical Garden
Don and Lois Porter

The early industrial baron Baburizza had a French landscape architect design his private garden on 80 hectares of beautiful canyon some 6 miles east of Vina del Mar. It evenutally became the domain of the National Botanical Garden of Vina del Mar Foundation. It includes rare plants and trees, manicured rose gardens, and picturesque ponds and streams.

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050112-085850IMG_2222.jpg         050112-092300IMG_2239.jpg         050112-093336IMG_2247.jpg         050112-093758IMG_2255.jpg        
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050112-094158IMG_2265.jpg         050112-094746IMG_2267.jpg         050112-095238IMG_2269.jpg         050112-101110IMG_2272.jpg        
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