Valparaiso Apartment
Don and Lois Porter

We arrived at the Valparaiso bus station downtown at midday on Friday, January 7th. Some friendly women at the "lodging information" booth at the bus station helped us consider a range of possibilities. They finally came up with a real apartment for a manageable sum. They called the proprietor, who came to pick us up (along with one of the lodging folks) and took us to look at the apartment. Turns out it is a brand new building with 8 units (not all of them are ready yet) intended to be used by students at the several nearby universities.Our hosts, Jorge and Maria Eugenia, are very gracious. Lucky for us, the university summer holiday is in force until the beginning of March. So we are able to have this nice apartment until then (we'll need to find other digs for our final month here). The location is excellent: buses stop 2 blocks away, so we can be downtown in 10 minutes. We are also a 10 minute walk from the top of the Artilleria Ascensor. From the top of the building we have a great view of the city and the bay (see photo). And yet this is a very quiet, non-threatening neighborhood (not all of Valparaiso is so tranquil). Our comfortable place in the sun!

DonInKitchen DonInLivingRoom DonOnRoof OurBedroom
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OurBlock OurHouse RefrigAndFlowers SpareBedroom
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