Elderhostel Alaska Whales & Eagles - Sitka
Photos by Don & Lois Porter
Oct/Nov 2002

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In Sitka, we visited the National Park museum and heard a fascinating presentation from Tlingit weaver Teri Rofgar, and saw great totem poles. We visited the Russian Bishop's house, where Ranger Pete Gorham gave us a real sense of how extraordinary this man was. We really enjoyed the whale watching cruise on calm waters near Sitka. We enjoyed walking around town, and seeing a demonstration of Tlingit bentwood boxes (including cooking clams in one!) by Ranger Michelle Simmons. Our leader, Karen Christner (and Bruce as well), took us on a delightful hike up a river near town. Near the community center, where the WhaleFest programs were held, is a Tlingit canoe carved from a red cedar log -- there is an eagle on one side (pictured) and a raven on the other. We heard many fine talks from experts on marine life at the WhaleFest sessions. We enjoyed a super WhaleFest banquet, including an exciting documentary film presentation by wildlife filmmaker Shane Moore. Concerts by Gordon Bok and Don Sineti were also excellent.


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