Elderhostel Alaska Whales & Eagles - Glacier Bay
Photos by Don & Lois Porter
Oct/Nov 2002

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Our pilot, Darrel, flew the 4-person plane and provided excellent commentary to Lois, Yvette, and me. We saw thrilling views of peaks, glaciers, ice fields, fjords, and mountain goats (we were too far away to get good photos of the goats, though).


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021107-1434-48.jpg         021107-1440-20.jpg         021107-1458-58.jpg         021107-1623-56.jpg        
021107-1629-28 021107-1635-02 021107-1639-24 021107-1640-48
021107-1629-28.jpg         021107-1635-02.jpg         021107-1639-24.jpg         021107-1640-48.jpg        
021107-1642-23 021107-1647-54 021107-1653-46  
021107-1642-23.jpg         021107-1647-54.jpg         021107-1653-46.jpg